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Want less eye strain? CLEAN YOUR LENSES!

Although children’s lenses are scratch resistant….they are NOT scratch proof! Typically warrantees are offered but I would definitely avoid the hassle whenever possible! Here are some tips on how to care for your lenses to avoid those annoying scratches!

*Always rinse your glasses off with water before wiping or cleaning them. Even tiny particles of dust, dirt or (cringe) sand can settle on the lens, and if you wipe those around on a dry lens, it can be abrasive.

*If you're going to use a chemical, use sprays or cleansers that are specifically made to clean eyeglass lenses. Never use household cleaners like Windex, because these chemicals contain ammonia, which will actually tear off the any coating that is on the lens.

*NEVER use paper towels, tissue, or napkins to dry your lenses. All of these materials, regardless of how soft they are on your skin, have a textured surface and can easily scratch your lenses. AND please do not use your shirt! If your shirt is not 100% cotton, the fibers in the fabric can scratch the lens over time. Your shirt may also not be the cleanest and therefore will transfer any oils, lotions and dirt to the lens!

*When cleaning your lenses hold your frames by gripping the piece that crosses the bridge of the nose. This will keep you from accidentally bending the frame while you clean. Bent glasses are not comfortable and can affect the way you see out of the lenses!

*When they're not on your face...put 'em in the case! This isn't just a great way to keep dust and dirt away from your eyeglasses, but it also protects your glasses from getting scratched, broken or LOST!

*Try to wash your glasses often; at least once a day will keep your lenses in good shape. A good habit is to wash your glasses when you brush your teeth! The cleaner your glasses, the less your eye strain you will have!

*And last but definitely not least NEVER place your glasses face down!

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