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Are Prescription Sports Glasses Necessary?

YES!! Sports glasses are absolutely necessary! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard a parent tell their child, “You don’t need to wear glasses while playing sports.” Well….if your child wears glasses throughout the day because they see better, why in the world would they take them off to play sports?

Your vision should be optimized all day long. Not wearing your eyeglasses leads to eye strain as well as headaches. Now of course the parent’s thoughts are that they do not want their child’s beautiful glasses to be damaged while playing sports. Well what is even more important than the glasses? Your child’s eyes, of course!

Sports glasses are definitely an extra expense, but they also make an ideal pair back up pair glasses. Consider making your sports glasses with photochromic lenses. You will be able to wear them for sports indoors; they will be comfortable playing sports outdoors, as well as a backup pair of sunglasses for the weekend! Another helpful tip; if your child wears a helmet, bring it in! You will be able to see what frame fits best with the helmet.

September is Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month. When you are properly fitted with eye sports frames you reduce the risk of injury by at least 90%! This includes safety glasses and goggles and sometimes even eye shields depending on the sport played. Regular glasses, contacts lenses and sunglasses do NOT protect your eyes.

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