Especially for children, vision is about more than just seeing clearly. It’s being able to understand and respond to what they’re seeing. Sometimes we don’t realize that vision, reading and learning are closely related, and children who aren’t doing well in school may...

Although children’s lenses are scratch resistant….they are NOT scratch proof! Typically warrantees are offered but I would definitely avoid the hassle whenever possible! Here are some tips on how to care for your lenses to avoid those annoying scratches!

*Always rinse y...

YES!! Sports glasses are absolutely necessary! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard a parent tell their child, “You don’t need to wear glasses while playing sports.” Well….if your child wears glasses throughout the day because they see better, why in the world w...

If you have ever been in our store, you know the MASS amount of inventory we have! To some it may even be overwhelming! So for the first time ever, we have having a stock reduction sale on ALL stock Lindberg frames!

Lindberg is made to order and handmade in Denmark. It’...


All of us have developed some everyday bad habits for eyes that can actually spoil your vision. However, since most of us are not aware of these habits, learning about the 7 habits that are bad for your eyes and taking steps to correct them can help you protect your v...

Maintaining good eye health can play a crucial role in protecting your vision and promoting overall health.  However, many people often take their eyes for granted and do not take any steps to keep their eyes healthy. To protect your sight and enjoy a lifetime of healt...

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7 Bad Habits You Should Stop Doing to Your Eyes

November 18, 2015

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